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 What makes Newtown Primary School a great school?

Often when I visited Newtown Primary School as a Casual Relief teacher I was impressed by the many students who cheerfully and respectfully greeted me in the playground.  Now that I am back working fulltime at Newtown I still smile each time one of my previous students eagerly greets me in the playground or within the school. 

I feel happy that we have created positive relationships with the children at school.  The size of the school means that it is large enough to have diversity, yet small enough that it feels like a community.  Due to the excellent communication amongst the staff, we are aware of, and supportive of each other and the needs of our students. 

It feels like an extended family.     Kerrie Bedson (Teacher)


Newtown Primary School is where I go to learn about what I’ll need to know later in life.  It’s not just some ordinary school; it’s where I belong.   It’s where my family have been to learn; my grandpa, his mum and my brother Sam have all been students here.   But I will most likely be the last in my family to be a student here, so I’ll make the most of it.

Newtown Primary School is one big family that keeps growing  because we have stayed a family for a long time and there are a lot of opportunities here.

Newtown Primary School is the school where I belong, so I think you’d like to be a student – or a parent – who’s going to start learning here. I’ve learnt that I’m very lucky to be here, and I don’t want anything to change, because Newtown Primary School is perfect.       Mia Troy (Student)


Newtown Primary has provided my children with a range of culturally diverse activities. Our family has had  opportunities  to  try  many  things  and  explore  lots  of areas for development. The teachers are amazing and the community feel of the school creates a friendly and relaxed environment. I have seen kids that attend this school being extremely well prepared for their future education.      Natasha Williams (Parent)

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