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Our School Profile

At Newtown Primary School we believe every individual will learn and flourish with the support of a committed team.

Newtown Primary School has a strong culture of RESPECT with particular emphasis on respect for self, respect for others, respect for learning and respect for the environment.

Our school has a strong record of performance in both Literacy and Numeracy.   Students have personal commitment to their learning by participating in setting learning goals and monitoring their and this was reflected in our 2016 NAPLAN results. Progress is celebrated acorss the school as students set, monitor and celebrate achieveing learning goals.   Additional programs are offered in the areas of Physical Education, the Arts and Indonesian.  A literacy intervention program ensured additional support is given to students across the school in reading and writing.

The Newtown community is active in our school at many levels.  From the formal School Council structure through to student led conferences and informal community picnics, the community demonstrates a close connection to the school.

Our school buildings and grounds are a source of great pride, as our entire community work together to keep these learning spaces safe and attractive.

In recent years, cultural diversity has become a feature of our school.   Students from New Zealand, Nigeria, Korea, India and China participate fully in our school program and enrich our lives through their generous sharing of the culture of their mother country.

Newtown Primary School is accredited to deliver education to International students and we explicitly plan for their academic progress and wellbeing.   Accreditation is provided through the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS Provider Code: 00861K).

In 2016 Newtown Primary School had an enrolment of 254 student. This represents a solid interest in our school in a settled community serviced by a number of government and independent schools.

Newtown Primary School has 13.9 teaching staff (including  1 Assistant Principal and 1 Principal) and  3.1 (EFT) Education Support Staff.

During 2017 our school will implement a BYOD program aimed at enriching and augmenting learning opportunities through the use of digital technology.




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