Learning Teams

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Prep Team

We have had a wonderful start to the year in the Prep learning area. The amazing students are settling in well to the routines of school. They are building their independence by completing their daily jobs every morning and trying new experiences in and out of the classroom. We have a diverse group of personalities …

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Junior Team

      Junior News – Term Three 2017 Welcome back to school for another action packed term! Fluid Maths Fluid Maths lessons continue each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after snack this term. Your child may be in a different group this term, and their placement is based on assessment conducted at the end of …

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Middle Team

Middles Newsletter – Term 2, 2017 After finishing Term One on a high note with CAMP SUNNYSTONES, the students have continued to develop friendly and respectful relationships with their teachers and each other.  Camp Sunnystones was a stimulating learning environment and we are grateful to Mrs Ashkanasy for leading the co-ordination of this camp, and …

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Senior Learning Area

Senior Learning Area       Welcome back to Term 3! This term has started off well, with students already settling back into the routines of school. This term we will continue with our weekly rotations. One changing topic for our rotations will be our focus on dance, drama and performance to link with our …

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Specialist Team

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OUR VISION: Newtown Primary School’s community has a strong commitment to providing an education that reflects    a local and global responsibility to our environment and the awareness of sustainable practice. WE ARE A ONE STAR SUSTAINABLY SCHOOL! Curriculum: Sustainability across the curriculum. Vegie Gardens where children learn and play. Produce picked and cooked in class. …

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