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Junior News – Term Three 2017

Welcome back to school for another action packed term!

Fluid Maths

Fluid Maths lessons continue each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after snack this term. Your child may be in a different group this term, and their placement is based on assessment conducted at the end of term two. The focus of these lessons this term is division and multiplication. Other areas of the numeracy curriculum will be covered in maths sessions on the other two days.

Inquiry Unit

This term we are focussing on Geography – Places and our connections to them. Areas to be covered are:

  1. Reasons why some places are special/important to them.

  2. World Maps: Places and features – Kardinia Stadium, Barwon River, Beaches, Atlas, Google Earth, etc.

  3. Connections to people interstate/overseas

  4. Indigenous – places, features & names

If you have any connections with any of the above areas, please let us know so we can incorporate this into our program.


An important part of developing reading skills is through the reading at home process. Listening to, and reading with, your child at least five times each week will help to develop fluency and practise strategies learnt at school. Having discussions with your child about their reading also helps their understanding of the text. This may include asking questions about characters and events in the text, making predictions and connecting the text to family experiences.

The students are following the consistent writing process, starting with prewriting and working their way through drafting, revising, editing, and teacher conferencing to produce a published piece. The writing genre we are exploring for the first half of this term is Drama. Our next focus will be the genre of Procedural texts.


A reminder that students do Rotations every Thursday. This term the rotations are Library, P.E. and Integrated Studies. This year we have introduced over 100 new books to the school library. If your child would like the opportunity to  borrow some of these new books it is important that they have a named library bag. Also, sports session require the students to wear the school sports uniform and appropriate sports footwear.

Deakin Preservice Teachers Science Lessons

We have been fortunate to be selected to actively take part in Deakin University School Based Science Program. This involves Pre-service teachers conducting a series of Science Lessons. Over the past years we have found this to be a mutually valuable.


It’s concert term again – yay! The big night will be on Monday 18th September. Your teachers have been busy planning your child’s concert item and we are nearly ready to start practising. Over the coming weeks classroom teachers will put a note in your diary with costume requirements for the night!

Unwell students

At this time of the year with the cold weather it is important to stay healthy, which can mean if a student is feeling very unwell they may need a day at home. Also, tissue box donations would be appreciated.

Items from home

If your child brings items from home to school, it is their responsibility to look after them during the day. While on the whole students do this well, accidents do happen, thus we recommend precious items stay at home.

School uniform and lost property

Please ensure that all items of your child’s school uniform are clearly labelled with their name (at least your surname). This way it can be easily be returned to your family.

We collect a number of reusable plastic containers during the term that end up being disposed of because they are not named. We want to make sure that all of your items are returned to you each day, so please label everything that comes to school.

Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences will be taking place this Thursday 27th July from 11am to 7pm.

This is a time for celebrating, with your child, their successes for the year to date.

As students have lots to share, please arrive just prior to your scheduled time. This will allow your child to prepare and be calm, ready to begin their presentation.

Each time slot is 15 minutes duration, and bookings are now open in Compass. Please see your child’s classroom teacher if these times do not suit.

We look forward to working together as a team over this term.

Tessa, Fiona, Shaun and Rowena

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