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We certainly have hit the ground running in Term Two, with a number of special events having already occurred in the first few weeks. Such events as our District Cross Country, Year 6 excursion to the Anzac Shrine, Newtown Primary Anzac Service, Western Heights Enrichment Program, On Demand Testing, Scratch Coding Incursion and the Year 5 excursion to BioLab have already taken place, and its only Week 4! Our Year 5 students are also tackling NAPLAN this week, and doing an outstanding job.

Looking forward to the rest of Term 2, we have many more events coming up, as well as some engaging lesson foci right across the curriculum.

This term SLA students will be participating in the Australian Maths Games competition. The focus of these games is to develop the students’ problem solving strategies. Students will participate in lessons where a different strategy will be a focus. For example; drawing a diagram to understand a worded problem. Students will also be exploring multiplication and division this term. We will be exploring different strategies and commenting on the efficiency of some strategies over others.

In literacy, students have been exploring different persuasive text types such as advertisements, articles and letters and have used this to analyse structure, content and discreditation, which has assisted them in creating their own persuasive texts and experimenting with different ways of engaging their audience. The second half of the term will be devoted to investigation and creation of explanation texts, as well as creating our instructional skill cards to support us as we prepare for Jump Off Day. Each class is using their own unique novel along with student independent reading books as a source for developing comprehension skills, with particular emphasis on inference and summarising.

To support our integrated topic, every Monday the SLA students will be participating in Rotations involving ICT taught by Mrs. Baird, Health taught by Mr. Mac and Science taught by Mrs. Forsythe.

Using the Primary Connections to guide our inquiry, the SLA students will be learning about the Physical Science of Electricity. Primary Connections is an ideal way to link science with literacy in the classroom. Students develop their understanding through hands-on activities that explore the role of electrons in transferring energy in electric circuits. Through investigating batteries, light bulbs, switches, conductors and insulators, they explain how battery-operated devices work.

Each lesson is designed to engage students, capture their interest and find out what they think they know about electricity.  Students are provided with plenty of opportunity for hands-on exploration and problem solving.

During the Term 2, there will be a specific Learning Task linked to the study of Electricity to provide opportunities for students to represent what they know about electrical circuits and how they work.

Some key dates for the SLA Calendar in Term 2 are:

-          Friday 12th MayChillax Day

-          Wednesday 17th May – APSMO #1 and Maths Games #1

-          Thursday 18th MayScienceworks Excursion

-          Monday 22nd MayJump Rope for Heart ‘Jump Off Day!’

-          Wednesday 24th May Winter LP – Soccer and AFL (coaches still needed!)

-          Friday 26th MaySchool Photographs

-          Tuesday 30th MayWhole School Athletic Sports (parent helpers needed!)

-          Wednesday 31st May – Winter LP – Teeball and Netball (coaches needed!)

-          Monday 12th JunePublic Holiday – Queen’s Birthday – No School



We are sure that the rest of term will be a productive and energizing one, and look forward to seeing you all throughout the coming weeks!

Michelle, Stephanie and Luis



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