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Welcome back to Term 4! Our final term together has started off well, with students settling back into the routines of school. We have a busy term ahead, filled with a number of excursions and the School Art Show. The BYOD is running successfully in the SLA and we will also continue to explore and develop ICT skills with the use of the Google Classroom Apps.

This term we will be focusing on the design and technology process in order to create the next big item for canines and their owners alike – a dog toy! In teams, students will work to investigate, generate, produce and evaluate a dog toy that closely follows a specific set of criteria so that the product can be deemed suitable for use, by the public and their pets! Teams will be evaluated on the sustainability, originality, aesthetics, durability, safety and functionality of their dog toy. Stay tuned for further information.

In writing, students will be analysing two different genres in terms of structure and content. The first genre we will be analysing is Report Writing, where students will follow the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, editing, conferencing, publishing) to create an information report on a topic of their choosing. They will also be encouraged to present this report in an engaging and creative way, using such structures as ‘Behind The News’ for inspiration. Students will then move into our unit on Poetry, where we will investigate this text type as a form of expression, innovation and originality. Students will have the opportunity to compose their own poems while looking at some famous poetry and the meaning behind it.

Our writing lessons will also be used to prepare for the end of year responsibilities, where our Year 6 cohort will organise their graduation speeches and letters, while our Year 5 students will organise themselves for our annual transition fair, as well as creating a ‘Welcome to Newtown’ book for our 2018 Prep students.

In Reading, we are continuing to focus on the theme “Reading is Thinking”; an engaging way for students to improve their reading comprehension and encourage them to write their thoughts about what they have read. Students will also study a variety of Reports and Poetry to gain understanding of their structure and content. They will examine Text Features used in a variety of formats to help themselves, as readers, make sense of what they are reading. Each class will continue to read their Classroom Novels, using them to study a variety of reading comprehension. Students continue to be expected to read on a nightly basis. This is to be recorded in their diaries.

In Maths, students are reviewing the four operations and applying them in different situations. One way that students will be doing this is through a unit on Money. Students will participate in activities that require them to apply their knowledge to real life situations, such as working out the GST, best buys, percentage discounts and planning a budget. They will also be reviewing the concept of time and how to use timetables, calculate elapsed time, time zones and 12 and 24 hour time. Students are encouraged to continue to log onto Mathletics to consolidate their learning at home.

Students will participate in a number of extracurricular activities this term. Some key dates for the SLA calendar are:

  • Thursday 2 Nov: Gymnastics

  • Friday 3 Nov: Day for Daniel

  • Thursday 16 Nov: Art Show

  • Thursday 23 Nov: Bluelight Disco

  • Friday 1 Dec: Ball GamesDay

  • 7th-15th Dec: Swimming Lessons

  • Mon 18 Dec: Grade 6 Adventure Park

  • Wednesday 20 Dec: Graduation

More information regarding Graduation will become available closer to the date. We look forward to a fun and productive end to the school year.

Kind Regards,

Michelle, Stephanie and Luis



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