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It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome you back to the 2018 school year. This term promises to be a very busy and productive one, and the SLA team is very excited to work with our new group of Senior students.

This newsletter will outline some important information that all families need to know about the Senior Learning Area and Term 1.

Club Lorne Surf Camp

We have secured a prime position at Club Lorne Surf Camp this year, with the SLA students travelling ‘down the coast’ on Wednesday 21st February and returning on Friday 23rd February. This is an outstanding camp that allows students to build on their resilience and teamwork while learning key components of water safety, and of course, surfing! It is also an integral part of our Integrated topic focused on ‘starting right’ and ‘contributing to healthy an active communities’.

More information about packing lists and dietary requirements will be available in the coming week. We also will require some parent helpers on this camp, which will be selected at random from our volunteers. All volunteers would need to have a current Working with Children’s Check.

Advance notice was sent out last year of this camp and related costing. Prompt payment is required. Payment Plans can be organised, as always, through Ms Hay.

Independent Readers

The SLA teachers would like students to bring their own reading material for reading sessions each day. We also encourage students to keep more than one type of genre (a fiction and non-fiction book) in their locker so they become used to reading different text types. SLA students are expected to read as often as possible at home, and to record the name of the book, the duration of reading and have it signed by a parent or guardian at the end of each week. Students will be taught how to do this on the first day.

A collection of books is also available to be borrowed in the SLA.


In order to keep organised and help prepare for high school, SLA students will use their diaries frequently and are expected to have them present at school every day. Students will be supported in using their diaries independently to record such things as homework tasks, sporting or excursion dates or important reminders. Diaries are also used as a communication tool between teachers and parents, and we will be using the fold back clip as a way of ensuring that notes get home safely. We ask that students bring any notes in the diary to the teacher at the start of the day. Diaries will be checked for reading by the homeroom teacher every Monday morning.

Water Bottles and Fruit

We encourage all students to have a water bottle at school which they will be allowed to have on their tables at all times. This certainly helps everyone stay hydrated through what is always a warm first few weeks! Be sure to put some fresh fruit in your child’s lunchbox as we allow students to have a fruit break every morning at 10am.

Personal items and stationary

The SLA teachers are happy for students to bring their own stationary from home to use at school, but we emphasise that this is done at their own risk. Students will be provided with everything they need for each lesson at the beginning of the year. Personal items such as iPods and phones are strictly prohibited in the classroom. If a child does have a device that is necessary for communication with family out of school hours, they should ‘check it in’ at the office at the start of the day and collect it after 3.30pm.

Trust Licenses

All SLA students have the privilege of holding a Trust License once they have read, signed and returned the Trust License contract. The Trust License outlines the expectations and responsibilities of being a Senior Student and has many benefits, including permission to work independently throughout our flexible learning space. The Trust License has been a very successful initiative over the past 6 years in the SLA and is something we hold in very high regard.


We would appreciate the donation of a box of tissues from each family. These will be used by the SLA community across the year.

Classroom Money and Auctions

Our behaviour recognition system in the SLA is based around the use of classroom money. Students can earn money for such things as exhibiting positive behaviour, showing respect and focus in class, but can also be fined money for such things as acting inappropriately or disrupting others. Classroom money is used during weekly SLA Assemblies, where students can purchase items from our prize box during our SLA Auctions. For obvious reasons students are not permitted to exchange or borrow money from other students. We would be grateful for any donations to our prize box, and students will be reimbursed with SLA money for any items they bring in.

Naming Items

As the SLA is a busy place with lots of students, it is critical that everything from uniforms to lunchboxes are clearly labelled so they can be returned if they are lost. Nobody likes sifting through the lost property pile at the end of a week!

We encourage you to pop in and check out the SLA environment, and hope that everybody is ready for a positive and prolific first term after the summer break!

Many thanks,

Luis, Michelle and Jarrod



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