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Welcome back to Term 3!

This term has started off well, with students already settling back into the routines of school. This term we will continue with our weekly rotations. One changing topic for our rotations will be our focus on dance, drama and performance to link with our preparation for the School Concert. We will also be analysing our self and social awareness in conjunction with the teamwork and management that is required as we work together to organise our performance.

Some elements we will explore and learn about will be to:

  • Develop technical and expressive skills in fundamental movements and body actions and use choreographic devices to create dance sequences

  • Explain how the elements of dance and production elements communicate ideas in dances from different contexts they make, perform and view

  • Describe what it means to be confident, adaptable and persistent and why these attributes are important in dealing with new or challenging situations

  • Identify the characteristics of an effective team and develop descriptions for particular roles including leadership, and describe both their own and their team’s performance when undertaking various roles

We are really looking forward to exploring these concepts in the lead up to the big night! After the concert a learning task will be released about your child’s participation and skill development in relation to the concert.

In other rotations students will be exploring the following.

  • Mrs. Forsythe will continue our Science Inquiry with a focus on “The States of Matter” and the “Particle Theory”. Students will develop their understanding of the “Particle Theory” through a variety of hands-on activities using the Scientific Method.

  • With Ms Baird, students will continue to develop their ICT skills, with a focus on Geography. Students will be exploring Australia’s place in the world. We will be looking at mapping skills, Australia’s diverse landscape, the effect of bushfires and flooding on the environment and comparing and contrasting Australia’s environment and demographic to other nations. We will also be looking at peoples’ motivation to immigrate to Australia. Students will continue to refine their research, presentation and design skills. With the introduction of BYOD, students will also be able to develop their IPad skills to enhance their learning. There will be a homework task associated with our Geography learning that will be handed out in approximately week 5.

The SLA is continuing to participate in the Australian Maths Games competition. Students have enjoyed learning how to solve challenging word problems and refining their problem solving skills. Students will also begin a unit on fractions. A great way to support this learning is to cook at home, match fractions with percentages and discuss ‘best buys’ with your child. We will also continue to review division and multiplication strategies as an ongoing focus. During Term 3, there will be a specific Learning Task linked to the students’ knowledge of applying their number skills to problems.

In Reading, we are focusing on the theme “Reading is Thinking” an engaging way for students to improve their reading comprehension and encourage them to write their thoughts about what they have read. Students will write Reader’s Journal entries based on their independent reading books, guided reading and our class novels. They will use specific reading strategies taught in class to complete their entries. Students continue to be expected to read on a nightly basis. This is to be recorded in their diaries.

In writing, students have spent the beginning of Term Three following the writing process (planning, drafting, editing, conferencing and publishing) to create an oral presentation titled ‘Me as a Learner’ in preparation for their Student-led Conferences. As the term progresses, students will be analysing the structure and content of both drama and procedural text types, as well as undertaking a unit on debating. Students will use our school concert theme as an opportunity to experiment with script and dialogue that can enhance a performance, and will look at the script from a motion picture later in the term. They will also have the opportunity to create their very own ‘nonsense’ procedural texts, and will work in teams to plan and perform a debate against their fellow classmates will focussing on the correct structure and delivery.

Students will participate in a number of extracurricular activities this term. Some key dates for the SLA calendar are

  • Wednesday 26 July: APSMO and Maths Games

  • Thursday 27 July: Student Led Conferences – Students only attend school for their conference

  • Thursday 3 August: Skateboard Incursion

  • Thursday 10 August: Immigration Incursion

  • Wednesday 16 August: District Athletics (qualifying students)

  • Thursday 17 August: APSMO and Maths Games

  • Thursday 31 August: Basketball and Volleyball Lightning Premiership (selected students)

  • Wednesday 6 September: APSMO and Maths Games

  • Monday 18 September: Concert!!!!

  • Friday 22 September: Last day of term, 2.30pm dismissal.

We are sure that the rest of term will be a productive and energizing one, and look forward to seeing you all throughout the coming weeks!

Kind Regards,

Michelle, Stephanie and Luis



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