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The Arts


            Art Update – Remembrance Day


In the Arts this week, the students have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day. They watched a YouTube clip titled “The Poppy Story” to explain why a poppy in the symbol to remember the ex-service men and veterans. All students have created artwork based on Poppies from painting poppies to collaging poppies to making poppies with tissue paper. Make sure you come to the Art room to take a look!


Arts Festival Newtown PS – 2015

What a fabulous day and night the Newtown Primary School community had to celebrate the Visual and Performing Arts at our school. The weather was inviting and the community was out to enjoy the warm Spring evening with yummy food, lively entertainment and fun activities for all! There were art displays that showcased the skills of the students at Newtown PS with creativity and flair. The MPS was full of lush green leaves to create ‘Uno’s Garden.’ Hidden between the greenery were the bright colourful treasures that the students proudly showed off to their families. Graham Base would be amazed at the students artwork inspired by Uno’s Garden.


Performing Arts was also celebrated with students running from far and wide to join in the “Sid Shuffle’ with such enthusiasm. Our celebration of music continued with the students singing “Gold,” this year’s Music Count Us In song, celebrating the joy that music can bring to our lives. The students had participated in a dance workshop throughout the day with Footsteps and performed these dances to parents and friends throughout the evening. Ben, Harry and Connor wowed the crowd with their rendition of “Rip Tide.” What a talented bunch of boys!

All in all, the Newtown Primary School community celebrated another successful celebration of the Arts. A wonderful group of parents and teachers worked extremely hard to make this happen. It’s a pleasure to be part of this amazing team at Newtown Primary School.

Well done NPS!

Mrs Sadowy



Juniors – Art Update

In art sessions, the juniors have been learning how to sketch. Using grey lead pencils they were encouraged to look at the contour, shape and detail of a character from Uno’s Garden and sketch the picture. Each child took time and care and have created drawings that look very much like the characters they were sketching. To add colour to our drawings, the juniors used oil pastels. They experimented with different ways to use oil pastels, smudging oil pastels and blending colours. Lastly, the students have chosen a coloured background that they believe compliments their art work. These art works are beautiful and I am very proud of what the juniors have achieved. They will be a wonderful addition to our Arts Show!! Fabulous work juniors! junior




Middle – Art Update

During Art sessions, the Middles have been creating Zentangle Flowers. Zentangle is an artwork made from using repetitive patterns and is believed to increase focus and creativity. The students have been enjoying this relaxing and calming activity to produce beautiful artworks. Fine liners have been used to draw the Zentangle flowers to create a black and white image. To create a colourful background, the students have been exploring changing the tint of a colour by adding white. They have chosen a base colour and gradually added white to make the colour lighter and lighter. By using the tints they have made along the way, the students have painted a background. These fantastic artworks will create a bright and colourful display at the Newtown PS art show. Great work Middles!

 FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (1)









Seniors – Art Update

After being inspired by the fascinating and extraordinary creatures like Moopaloops, Snagglebites and Tumbletops  in the picture storybook Úno’s Garden, the Seniors have worked together to design their own “Extraordinary and Fascinating” creature. Once the students had designed their creatures, they used construction materials such as boxes, bottles, wire and newspaper to create the overall shape. Using a product called “Modroc,” which are plaster bandages, the students have begun covering their construction to create a hard, sturdy and contoured creation. Using paint and other decorative materials, I look forward to seeing these wonderful creatures come to life!  It is a credit to the Senior students how much care and responsibility is displayed in the art room when using such a fun but messy product. Keep it up Seniors!!FullSizeRender (3)

 Bali in Motionbird of paradise

On Wednesday, Newtown Primary School was fortunate to have a visit from the Indonesian Culture group called Bali in Motion.

The children were captivated by the beauty of a traditional Balinese dance and the story told of a Bird of Paradise. They were then taught how to use different parts of the body to tell a story: the eyes, hands and head.

The students were then given the opportunity to play a traditional instrument made from bamboo called the Angklung. It made quite a unique sound on its own, but sounded lovely when played altogether in harmony.

Bu Millis. Bu Sadowy and Bu Jaci dressed in traditional dress in the morning, immersing the children in learning a dance called “The Plate Dance’ and learning about the artistry of shadow puppets.

It was a wonderful day and definitely reflected how Newtown Primary School students have embraced Indonesian as part of their learning experience at school.

plate dance



PREPS – Art Update

In preparation for the Newtown Arts Show in Term 4, the Preps have been exploring the skill of modelling. They have been using play dough and clay to practice modelling techniques such as rolling, squeezing, pushing, pulling, stretching, flattening and pinching. Using the product air-dry clay, the students have used these techniques to model a toadstool. They were squeezing the clay to make it softer, rolling the clay into a sausage shape to create the stalk and pushing the clay to make the stalk stand. To make the top, students rolled their clay into a ball and used their pinching skills to make the ball into a pinch pot. To finish, they used a texta lid to print the spots. It was a fun day and I am looking forward to our next Arts session so we can paint these creations. Well done Preps!


prep clayclay 2


In Visual Arts, both Juniors and Middles have been exploring paper sculpture techniques. The Juniors have looked at Henri Matisse art work titled “Painting with Scissors.” This was an art form Matisse used in his later life, unwell and from a wheel chair. He would use scissors to cut out abstract shapes and put them together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. The students have been encouraged to ask questions and share their feelings about Matisse artbefore “Painting with Scissors” to create their own artwork. Some beautiful and interesting shapes have been created already. By looking at David Miller, a paper sculptor and illustrator, the Middles have been exploring paper sculpture techniques such as tearing, folding, fringing and the list continues. After choosing a David Miller illustration from the picture story book “What’s for Lunch”, they have been recreating their chosen page with paper. The students focus is to build their artwork from background to foreground using paper.


matisse too



On Tuesday a group called “Amanaska” came to perform for all the students at Newtown Primary School. They are funky world music group that loops, layers and mashes cultures together through music. The students loved experiencing the different world instruments like the slide didgeridoo and the Indian flute. It was really interesting to learn how Amanaska use music technology like the ipad in creating their music. An exciting performance was enjoyed by all! For more information on Amanaska visit Amanaska.com and click on the heading Education..



The Middles and Seniors have been exploring musical elements to get their minds and bodies ready for the performance by Amanaska next week. They are a musical group that create unique sounds by including ethnic music and cultures into their music. Amanaska use a range of different instruments from the slide didgeridoo to a Bansuri which is an Indian flute.    The students have been learning to distinguish the difference between a beat and a rhythm. By learning the correct names of a crochets, quavers, semi quavers and rests, they have been experimenting with creating, playing and performing simple rhythmic patterns. They have been able to have a go at a range untuned percussion instruments and some tuned percussion. Whilst we have been learning to play in an ensemble, we have acknowledged the importance of listening to each other to keep our ensemble in time and together.

music seniors



Throughout this term the Prep children have been listening to and sharing their feelings about Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. Included were “How the Birds Got their Colours“ and “Gorialla the Rainbow Serpent.”The children have been exploring paint in different ways from printing with their hands, using a paint brush and dot painting with a cotton tip to produce art work in response to the Dreamtime stories. By listening to music, the Prep children have also been practising to keep a beat to music by using different body percussion and untuned percussion instruments. In the next few weeks, they will be learning the musical concepts of high/low, fast/slow and loud and soft.


georgieprep music


The Juniors have been exploring the Aboriginal Culture and their art work. In particular the students have looked at the difference between traditional Aboriginal art and the colours of Ochre that were used, compared to contemporary dot paintings that can features brighter and bolder colours. The students talked a

bout how Aboriginal art can tell a story using symbols and used these symbols to create their own story. They have continued to use paint to add colour to their art work.  and creating dot paintings inspired by the Aboriginal people.

dot paint



The Seniors have been exploring Aboriginal Art and Culture and the importance of tradition and passing skills on from generation to generation. In particular the Seniors have explored basket weaving. Aborginal people would source their materials from the land using grasses called Lomandra to weave dilly bags. These dilly bags were used to collect food. The Seniors have worked in pairs to use a synthetic fibre to try and weave a basket. This activity has required problem solving and together we have found what works and what doesn’t.





The Middles have been exploring the Aboriginal culture and art work. In particular students have looked at and talked about Fibre Sculptures. Aboriginal people create animal or people sculptures, depending on which tribe they belong to. They make their sculptures from materials they find such as grasses and bark. These sculptures are used as part of traditional ceremonies.   The students have worked together to create a sculpture on an Australian animal using newspaper and masking tape to create the right shape. Using wool to represent the grass and bark, they have wrapped their sculptures to finish their art work.




The Preps and Juniors have been enjoying learning some new songs and moving to music. The Prep children have been discovering what a beat is and keeping the beat to music. The Juniors have learnt that that a Rhythm is a pattern and are beginning to read, clap and play simple rhythmic patterns.


During Art sessions the Preps have learnt about the Colour Wheel and mixing Primary Colours together to make Secondary Colours. Students love making a giant Colour Wheel. They have also explored paint and using different tools such as paintbrushes, forks, scrapers and sponges to produce different markings. The Juniors have also explored paint in a similar way but learning to change the tint of a colour by adding white. With the paper they have created, the Juniors have collaged a picture based on Eric Carle illustrations.They were encouraged to begin with a background and then add the foreground.  The Juniors collages are displayed on the Art Room doors!




The Middles and Seniors have had a wonderful start to the Arts and are having lots of fun with drama. The aim of our drama activities is to encourage students to have a go and developing their confidence. We have seen some very flamboyant and enthusiastic actors in the making already!

The Middles are working on Abstract art work and how this style of work is created by the feelings of the artist and the mood they want to portray. The students are creating an art work based on “How does music make you feel?” They are using warm and cool colours to help them portray the mood of the art work. It’s great to find out who learns musical instruments or what style of music they like to listen to.

Exploring an Austrian artist by the name of Friederich Hundertwasser has really sparked the interest of the Seniors. Hundertwasser’s work is bold and colourful with specific characteristics that make the art work authentic to him such as onion domes, analogous colours, hidden faces and lollipop trees. The students have embraced Hundertwasser’s work which has inspired them to create their own artwork borrowing elements of his work to use in theirs.









What a fantastic start to the year the Preps and Juniors have had in the art room. We have learnt some songs like “Fancy Dance,” and “Yoohoo!” which have involved the children listening, singing and moving. It has been a lot of fun getting to know each other.

Preps have drawn their own self- portraits and explored the skill of collage to create a bright and colourful background. These are displayed on the MPR windows for all to admire.

The Juniors have discussed all the things that they love to create a “Map of my Heart.” It was a great way to get to know each child and find out about their family, pets, favourite food, hobbies and what is special about them.



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