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ANZAC DAY – wreath workshops


As part of our school value of RESPECT, we acknowledge Anzac Day by learning about Anzac Day in our classrooms, and by holding a special ANZAC DAY assembly at school.  School Captains also represent us at a combined schools service at Johnstone Park. A wreath is created for the Combined schools service and for our Newtown Primary School service.



The Art Leaders have been busily preparing for the Anzac Day ceremony held at our school next Friday 24th April. The girls have been using vines to weave a wreath and using tissue paper to make poppies. We look forward to sharing our wreath with you on this special day.






A small dedicated team of Senior school volunteers worked with Mrs Bedson in the Arts room during recess and lunchbreaks to complete two wreaths this year.

2014 - ANZAC DAY  (7) 2014 - ANZAC DAY  (3)


This wreath was created with felt and pins.  Made by Grace, Ruby, Charlotte and Gerogia for the school assembly.



2014 - ANZAC DAY -   (5) 2014 - ANZAC DAY  (6)

This wreath was created by Grace, Charlotte, Astri (and Georgia). It is made of recycled furniture strapping that was donated to the school, felt, and berries and blossom from the school garden. This wreath was presented at the memorial at Johnstone Park on behalf of our school.



In 2013 a bunch of dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly on what seemed like an unusual task.  They rolled strips of magazines and scraps of paper and paper we had rolled left over paint onto – into long cylinders of various sizes.  All of these coils were glued together to make a wreath.  The wreath was then tied in a beautiful velvet bow.  This wreath was presented at the ANZAC day service at Johnstone Park as a memorial wreath from everyone at Newtown Primary School.


 2013- ANZAC DAY


In 2012 we created four wreaths.  Each one was contributed to by an are of the school so that there were four wreaths, one each for the Preps, Juniors, Middle school students and the Seniors.





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