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Our School Policies

Policies are developed by the school community and ratified at School Council meetings.

Local School Policies:


Asthma Policy


Anaphylaxis Policy


Student Dress Code Policy


Equal Opportunity Anti Discrimination Policy


First Aid Policy


School Policies, Procedures and Agreements handbook.


Sun Smart Policy

Other policies and initiatives are as follows:


Newtown Primary School’s community has a strong commitment to providing an education that reflects a local and global responsibility to our environment and the awareness of sustainable practice.


– Nude Food, Rubbish Free Snack and Lunch encouraged.

– Healthy Food

– Reduce packaging by buying in bulk.

– Reuse rather than throw away.

– Recycle plastic at local supermarkets rather than go to landfill.

– Newsletter: receive it on-line to reduce paper.

Students Lead:

– Children in all year levels have sustainability leadership roles.

– House captains lead their houses.

– Recycle paper, plastic containers, cans, cardboard and plastics to yellow bins.

– Reduction of waste, gas, electricity and paper.


A few reminders with the safety of our students in mind.

– At Newtown Primary School we do not share food. We have a number of students with allergies and it could put them at an unnecessary risk.

– Similarly, we are a Nut Free School and H2O only.

Please respect these expectations with the safety of all of our students in mind.