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Visual Arts

Creativity is an essential skill to equip students for whatever their future holds. It helps students with critical thinking, problem solving and inventiveness. Our arts program encourages self- expression, builds confidence and helps students develop motor skills, language skills and social skills. Newtown has a dedicated Art room where students will experiment with different materials and methods of creating artwork including painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, sculpture and textiles.

Art Show

The Annual Art Show gives students the opportunity to showcase their work and for the school community to come together to celebrate the arts and student’s achievements.


Physical Education

Physical Education prepares children to be physically and mentally active, fit and healthy for life. Newtown has a comprehensive and well-resourced PE and Sport program with a basketball and netball court, oval and indoor space. Students learn the fundamental motor skills in PE then apply these skills to a variety of Sports as part of the Middle and Senior program. Teamwork becomes a focus as students learn that every player is a valued and worthy member and that each has their role to play.

Students have the opportunity to participate in many sporting events throughout the year such as the P-6 Athletics Carnival and Cross Country. Senior students are also given the opportunity to compete against other schools in our district sports association such as; basketball, cricket, football and volleyball in a fun, safe and inclusive environment as part of the Lightning Premiership.


At Newtown we aim to foster harmonious living in an ever-expanding multicultural society through our Indonesian program. Learning a second language teaches students about other peoples, their ideas and ways of thinking, inspiring interest in and respect for other cultures. It also helps students understand how languages work, leading to improved literacy skills and increased critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills. Students are introduced to the vocabulary they need to form and understand basic and complex sentences in Indonesian. To achieve this, students participate in a range of tasks including reading, writing, flash card games, word-based activities, videos, stories, online programs, songs, research assignments, oral assessments and class games.

Students are also introduced to other aspects of Indonesian culture such as celebrations, traditions, beliefs, geography, flora, fauna food and clothing. This is celebrated with a whole school Indonesian Day event held in August to co-inside with Indonesian Independence Day.

Music & Performing Arts

As an Arts form, Music and Performing Arts are universal languages of expression. The skills and knowledge learned, shared and explored in our Performing Arts classes, are transferable into many other areas of learning. Skills such as; being good listeners, co-operating, improvising, working as a team, being brave, facing your fears, (performing!) and knowledge such as; the elements and genres of music, dance and performance practises in the many different cultures of the world. Arts skills and knowledge aim to help build expressive, creative, innovative, thoughtful, respectful students, ready to embrace the world as global citizens.  The teaching and learning process aims to be fun and enjoyable, and hopefully music and the Arts become a part of students lives in their future as either a career path, a means of social entertainment and interaction, a form of self-expression, or as a creative support for improved mental health.

School Concert

Music & Performing Arts helps students develop confidence and self-discipline. The school concert gives each student the opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience. The students practice their song and dance routines throughout the year and the concert is held in Term 3.