Newtown is a H2O only School

Did you know our school is a H20 only school?

That means water only in our drink bottles and bubblers!


Fresh Fruit Breaks

At Newtown Primary School we actively encourage Healthy Eating and Oral Hygiene.

Every class takes a ‘fresh fruit break’ at 10 o’clock each morning to refuel.  Some classes call this ‘POF Time’ (Piece of Fruit Time).

As well as bringing fresh fruit from home, students may also select from fruit donated to our school by FUSO Geelong in conjunction with the Citrus Growers in Geelong.

Thanks to everyone for supporting this healthy and wholesome initiative.Fresh Fruit


Our Vision

At Newtown Primary School we believe that every individual will learn and thrive with time and the support of a committed team.


For everything you want to know about Newtown Primary School, check out our Induction book.

Newtown Induction Handbook


 No Hat, No Play, No Fun Today

Newtown Primary School is a SunSmart School.

Please remember to wear your hat from September to April.


Parenting Ideas Magazine

Follow the link to Parenting Ideas Magazine filled with articles on contemporary parenting ideas.



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