Our School Council

School Council meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month.

Meetings begin at 7:00pm
Do you know your School Councillors?

Georgia Lea – Parent Rep 

Nadine Forsythe – Parent Rep

Gavin Coles – Parent Rep

Max Tilley – Parent Rep

Shannon Rees – Parent Rep

Natalie Bugler – Parent Rep 

Peter Varszeghy – Parent Rep 

Jenni Bauquier – Parent Rep

Lucy Bowles – Parent Rep

Julie Pocock – Parent Rep

Jarrod McKinnis – DET Rep

Mia Moran – DET Rep

Corrie Barclay – Principal

School Councils play an important role in Victorian schools.

A well-informed and effective School Council can strengthen and positively impact a school in many ways. Newtown values the input from our School Council members and appreciate the parent voice and perspective that is shared at each of our meetings. 

If you would like to be involved in Newtown Primary School’s School Council, nominations are generally open in February each year. School Council members usually hold their positions for terms of two years.

There are approximately 8 School Council meetings each year plus a Public Reporting Meeting, at which all members of the school community are invited to attend.  

Refer to the school newsletter and Compass for detailed information about joining School Council at the beginning of each school year.  

Newtown Primary School Feedback Portal

At Newtown, our School Council value all feedback received from our school community. One of the ways in which we offer the collection of feedback is via our ‘Feedback Portal’. Anyone wishing to leave feedback regarding Newtown Primary School can do so via the link below. This can be done anonymously if desired.